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​Dragon's ear under the epidemic

During this severe epidemic, Long Er has not neglected his work and still insisted on helping the deaf and hard of hearing. For the health of the deaf and hard of hearing, Longer distributes anti-epidemic kits to members in need. Facing the risk of contracting the new crown pneumonia when going out, Long'er's interpreters still stick to their posts and go to the TV station to record sign language interpretation every day. In order to allow more deaf and hard of hearing people to receive first-hand information. To ensure that the health of employees and members will not be endangered, we will distribute pot choy and gifts to everyone, so that everyone can have a happy and fulfilling New Year. Building an inclusive world for the deaf and the disabled is the purpose of Longer, and popularizing sign language is an ongoing work. During the epidemic, Long'er provided online sign language classes so that the public could have the opportunity to learn sign language.


Long Er hopes that all parties will continue to support our work and continue to serve the deaf and hard of hearing.

Image by Brian Asare
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