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The Silence Committee is mainly composed of 1/3 deaf people, 1/3 hearing-impaired people, and 1/3 hearing people, to accommodate the opinions of people with different needs. The committee mainly formulates the direction of the organization, and the executive committee is responsible for its implementation.

Executive committee  Executive Committee


Ms. Snoopy Lai (Chairman, Representative of Deaf)

Miss. Lai joined the Silence volunteering team for three years, she’s also our Sign Language teacher with two years teaching experience. Now joined Silence committee team to serve the community.

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Mr. Sing (Deaf Representative)  

The current sign language class tutor has served Silence for more than six years. Actively engaged in volunteer work, he has assisted Silence in holding sign language workshops for the Hong Kong Police Force, assisted in various school activities, participated in an exchange between university students, and provided sign language interpretation services for the elderly.

He has worked with deaf organizations to fight for the rights of the deaf, including adding 992 emergency text messages, flashing lights and fire alarm bells, and video translation services. He hopes to affect life with life.


Mr. Leo Mak (Representative of Hard of Hearing)

Mr. Mak was a former auditor for Silence and participated actively in volunteer work and related activities.  He subscribes firmly to the theory and vision that through better understanding, the normal hearing and the impaired can co-exist in perfect harmony. Mr Mak being awarded by “2009 To Hear with Love” Scholarship Programme, Award for Quest for Excellence”.


Mr. Simon Hui (Representative of Hard of Hearing)

He hopes to participate in the development of Silence from the perspective of the hearing-impaired and their own experience, so that the hearing, deaf and hearing-impaired people can live in a harmonious community.


Mr. Yip Wing Kei (Representative of Hearing people)

Mr. Yip is a Hong Kong illustrator and columnist. In 2008, he designed the logo for Silence, hoping to contribute to deaf people through illustration and design!

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Mr. KAN King Ming, Victor (representative of the hearing)

Serving civil servants have long been enthusiastic about helping disadvantaged groups and regularly participate in voluntary work.


Mr. Siu Tsan


Ms. Snoopy Lai
Mr. William Tang

Mr. KAN King Ming, Victor


Professional Advisory Group

Mr. Mak Ka Yu

Legal Adviser:

So, Simon S.Y. 

Cheng Mi Kuen

Financial Adviser:

CCS & Company, Certified Public Accountants

Social Work Advisor:

Mr. SIU Yat Ping  

Policy Advisor:

Mr. HO Chi-keung

(Honorary Permanent Chairman of Housing Department Staff Association)

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