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Our Mission

Our Mission

We serve the deaf and hard of hearing, aiming to inspire and unleash individual talent and harness collective strength.  In doing so, we aspire to build a harmonious and barrier-free world.

Learning Sign Language
Sign Language

Our Vision

Promote and popularize sign language
We develop a sign language curriculum and hold regular and/or customized classes for government, education institutions, corporate enterprises, and other social organizations.

Career and Job Placement Assistance
Provide employment counseling, job placement, job referral, and other related services with follow-up support.

Fight for Equal Rights
Promote sign language and deaf culture actively, so the public can get to know the deaf and hard of hearing people.  Buiding a barrier-free society is our priority.

Develop Life Education
Through multi-faceted exposure to culture, the arts, and other forms of recreation, Silence helps develop a well-rounded body and mind.  Through this, we aim to inspire and unleash the hidden potentials of our members and build self confidence and social skills.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear

and the blind can see. 

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