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Establishment of Silence

Li Ching's story


Established in 2008, Silence is a registered charity in Hong Kong dedicated to serving the deaf and hard of hearing. The origin of the establishment is due to an unfortunate incident.

Li Ching is a deaf person. She graduated from Lingnan University with excellent grades. At the same time, she was also an excellent chess player and won many international awards.

Although Li Ching had excellent grades, Hong Kong society still misunderstood and discriminated against the deaf and hearing-impaired, which made it hard for Li Ching to find a job.

In 2008, Li Ching, who was underappreciated for her talent, jumped and committed suicide under various pressures.

In the diary left by Li Ching, there is a passage mentioned:

"Once upon a time, I thought I was a dragon and came to the world to undergo ear surgery and to have my ears cut. However, I have never been able to find a pair of dragon ears. What am I looking for? Where are my dragon ears?"

(In homophonic, the Cantonese sound of “dragon” sounds like the word “deaf”.)

This incident and this speech became an opportunity for the establishment of Silence.

Silence was established by her family and volunteers. The establishment of Silence hopes to help her family members get out of the pain, as well as to help the deaf and hard of hearing in the community.

Only by continuing the hope can the sacrificed life not be in vain.

The speech from Tsan

In 2000, Mr. Siu Tsan, the founder of "Silence" started volunteering to serve the deaf. Because of communication barriers, deaf people find themselves in an unfair predicament. Therefore, Mr. Siu Tsan often assists the deaf in resolving complaints and solving problems.

In 2004, Mr. Siu Tsan met a deaf girl named Li Ching in the rowing club. Mr. Siu Tsan and Li Ching are founding members of the newly established deaf rowing organization "Silent Power." Li Ching was the accountant, and the sign language interpreter was Mr. Siu Tsan.

On March 1, 2008, when the news reported that Li Ching, a deaf teacher at that time, had fallen from a building and died, Mr. Siu Tsan immediately went to Li's house to visit her family and offer condolences.​

It was challenging to bring impact to each case as an individual, so Mr. Siu Tsan decided to register and establish Silence. He recruited volunteers and Li Ching's family who had previously served the deaf and hard-of-hearing and continued to help them under the name Silence.


On the far left is Li Ching's father Li Kong Hing. The third from the left is Li Ching, and the far right is Li Ching's elder sister Lillian Li.


The front roll in the middle with a red top and white glasses is Li Jing;

The middle roll on the left with a grey shirt is Siu Tsan.

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