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07022024 警聲 | 以科技精準搜救 突破界限 全新999緊急應用程式HKSOS啟動禮

//下載榜稱冠 特別功能便利聾人//

// HKSOS推出不足三星期已累積超過35 000次下載,並連續多日登上應用程式下載平台的榜首。為提升對聽力及言語障礙人士的支援,警隊更將HKSOS的求助信息圖像化,提供九種求助類別,例如骨折、嚴重出血和呼吸困難等供使用者選擇,並傳送求助人的地理位置,方便聾人向999報案中心求助。早前,資訊系統部人員到訪龍耳賽馬會粉嶺綜合服務中心向聾人會員介紹HKSOS及協助會員安裝程式。//

//Topping app charts, facilitating people in need//

In less than three weeks since the launch of HKSOS, over 35 000 downloads have been recorded. It has topped the charts on apps downloading platforms for many days. To better support people with hearing and speech impairments, the Force presents SOS messages on the app in graphic and text with nine types of problems requiring help, such as fractures, severe bleeding and breathing difficulties, for the user’s selection, The geolocation of the informant will be transmitted to 999 Call Centre to facilitate people with hearing and speech impairments to seek emergency assistance. Earlier, ISW officers visited the Silence Jockey Club Fanling Integrated Service Centre to introduce HKSOS to hearing-impaired members of the Centre and assist them to install the app.

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