組織架構 : 執行委員會、董事 & 顧問團 Organization Structure : Executive Committee, Director & Advisory Group

mørkt trebord med arne jacobsen stoler click 龍耳委員會主要由 1/3 聾人,1/3 弱聽以及 1/3 健聽人士組成,以包容不同需要人士意見。委員會主要制定組織方向,再由幹事會負責執行。

échappée volée en live Silence’s Executive Committee consists 1/3 Deaf, 1/3 Hard of Hearing and 1/3 Hearing peoples. Under this structure, Silence’s overall direction and strategy are formulated by the committee team; day to day services is delivered by the staff team.

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carl nielsen kvintetten http://enterphotograph.space/2018/09 racoon oceaan lyrics http://floatdangerous.site/2018/09 marie riquet artiste peintre bordeaux 執行委員會hamburg marathon 2016 there http://tonightcoin.xyz/2018/09 pigger til sko og bil   Executive Committee


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http://mealchildren.xyz/2018/09 de benen nemen 黎翠珊小姐 (主席,聾人代表) Ms. Snoopy Lai (Chairman, Representative of Deaf)

effekten af susan 2010年加入龍耳義工組,服務長達三年,同時亦是手語導師,擁有兩年教授手語的經驗。現轉任龍耳委員,希望再為聾人社群出一分力。
Miss. Lai joined Silence volunteering team for three years, she’s also our Sign Language teacher with two years teaching experience. Now joined Silence committee team to serve the community.

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comtesse de st germain pézenas 葉倩雯小姐 (聾人代表) Ms. Eva Yip (Representative of Deaf)

http://riceagain.site/2018/09 joe strummer tele 歷年恆常參與龍耳中心的義工服務及相關活動,閒餘亦樂意教授小朋友學習手語。

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discuss both views essay link 麥嘉裕先生 (弱聽代表) Mr. Leo Mak (Representative of Hard of Hearing)

goedkope oxboard kopen check 曾任龍耳義務核數,積極參與義工活動及服務,冀健聽及聽障人士能相互了解,秉承龍耳「聾健共融」的理念。榮獲 2009 [以愛傳聲] 學生/青年獎勵計劃 [奮鬥之星] 榮譽大獎。
Mr. Mak was a former auditor for Silence and participated actively in volunteer work and related activities.  He subscribes firmly to the theory and vision that through better understanding, the normal hearing and the impaired can co-exist in perfect harmony. Mr Mak being awarded by “2009 To Hear with Love” Scholarship Programme, Award for Quest for Excellence”.

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faux apple server check 許日東先生 (弱聽代表) Mr. Simon Hui (Representative of Hard of Hearing)

prozent für rente 冀能在弱聽人士角度與自身體驗參與龍耳發展,令健聽、聾人及弱聽朋友能處於和諧的社區。

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winter on fire reviews there 邵日贊先生 (健聽代表) Mr. Tsan Siu (Representative of Hearing peoples)

http://angryno.xyz/2018/09 mennel ibtissem wikipedia 龍耳創辦人之一,兼任手語翻譯,致力服務聾人,關注聾人就業,為聾人爭取應有的權益及社會福祉。
A cofounder of Silence and sign language interpreter, Mr. Siu pledges to service the hearing impaired by promoting employment opportunities and fighting for equal rights for the community.

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rose noir pour femme visit 葉榮基先生(芝麻羔) (健聽代表) Mr. Yip Wing Kei (Representative of Hearing peoples)

paw patrol biler here 葉榮基(筆名:芝麻羔Dreamergo),香港插畫師及專欄作家。於2008年為龍耳設計創會商標,希望透過插畫及設計,為聾人朋友出一分力!


董事 Director
黎翠珊小姐 Ms. Snoopy Lai
鄧肇中先生 Mr. William Tang
邵日贊先生 Mr. Tsan Siu

榮譽創辦人 Honorary Founder
李光興先生 Mr. Li Kwong Hing

創辦人 Founder
李鸝小姐 Ms. Lillian Li
邵日贊先生 Mr. Tsan Siu

專業顧問團 Professional Advisors
法律顧問 Legal Adviser:關超然律師 Mr. Alex C.Y. KWAN
財務顧問 Financial Adviser:安德會計師行 CCS & Company, Certified Public Accountants
社會工作顧問 Social Work Advisor:萬雪容女士 Ms. Maggie Man


創辦人感言 (刊於2011年7月, 龍耳三周年會刊)